15 Remarkable Health Benefits of Dates

Benefits of Dates

Dates are sweet fruits. It is said about dates that they originated in ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. Nowadays people became very cautious about their health and have also come to understand how harmful sugar is to their health.

However, the benefits of dates (khajur) The benefits of eating dates give you natural sugar which is healthier than white sugar and processed sugar. The properties of dates are many compared to sugar because it gives you antioxidants and fiber alongside eating delicious fruits.

And both of those are important for leading a healthy life. From this article, you can get information related to the benefits of dates (khajur), use of dates, types of dates, how to eat dates, and disadvantages of dates.

What is Dates (Khajur)

Dates are sweet fruit with seeds within the middle. The specialty of dates is its natural sweetness. Dates grow on the tree and its tree is kind of large.

Its leaves are about 4- 6 meters long.Let me tell you that dates grow well in a place with low water and hot weather.

According to Ayurveda, the benefits of dates (khajur) are many such that the benefits of eating dates are associated with maintaining blood pressure and blood sugar levels in general.

It is also believed that the benefits of eating dates are also from arthritis. Along with this, dates help to maintain good metabolic power and also to keep away from constipation.

Types of Dates

If you have to take the benefits of dates (khajur), then it is necessary to include the right amount in your diet. The benefits of eating dates can be taken from different types of dates.

1.Khadrawi Dates

This type of date is not much longer than the rest of the dates. Like most of the dates, you can eat it as a fruit. This type of dates is found mostly in Iraq.

2.Hayani Dates

You have to take care while eating Hayani dates. Let me tell you that Hayani dates should be consumed fresh and immediately as it cannot be eaten dry. By the time this date is dry, it has deteriorated.

3.Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are a type of black date palm. It tastes sweet like toffee and is also considered to be the sweetest than the rest of the date.

4.Barhi Dates

There is something unique in every date type of date. The quality of this dates is that it is thicker than the rest of the date and is also soft.

5.Deglet Noor Dates

One of the most effective palm types of Tunisia and Algeria is Deglet Noor Dates. Its specialty is that it’s slightly dry and less sweet. it’s rich in many nutritious elements. This date is usually utilized in food.

6.Halawi Dates

This date is very tasty in fresh food. This species of date belongs to Iraq. It contains between 28 and 42 percent soluble solids.

Halawi dates can also tolerate rain to a large extent. This date is much sweeter than other dates. Halawi dates are small in size(1).

7.Ajwa Dates

Ajwa date is the most popular of all dates. It is soft and healthy as well(2).

8.Dairy Dates

This date is black in color. It is also much longer than other dates.

9.Itima Dates

This date is also very sweet in taste. Itima is a species of Algeria.

Health Benefits of Eating Dates

1.Dates Are Rich In Antioxidants

As we’ve already said that the benefits of dates (khajur) come because of the antioxidants present in them (3). Having antioxidants within the diet means your body is going to be shielded from free radicals.

If free radicals enter the body, they will damage the body, due to which many parts of the body won’t be ready to function well.

It spoils your healthy cell, which increases the possibility of getting many diseases. Antioxidants help to protect your body from many diseases.

2.Dates are Good For Your Blood Pressure

Benefits of dates

You get 80 ml of magnesium by eating about 6 dates. Let me tell you that the benefits of eating dates are also related to blood pressure.

Magnesium is found in dates which is very beneficial for maintaining blood pressure normal. Due to irregular intake of salt, blood vessels are contracted which is harmful for blood pressure.

By taking the right amount of magnesium, salt does not have a bad effect and blood flow throughout the body remains normal.

3.Dates Can Help In The Regulation Of Blood Sugar

The benefits of eating dates are many, but you need to be feeling that it’s sweet, yet how healthy it’s. Let me tell you that dates have a natural sweetness and it does not contain harmful sweeteners containing refined sugar.

Consuming sugar increases the number of calories within the body that are harmful to the body. These calories use the vitamins and minerals of your body, due to which they start getting deficient in the body.

The benefits of dates (khajur) are also due to the natural sweetness in it because natural sugar breaks down easily which does not allow the blood sugar level to rise.

4.Dates Can Effectively Strengthen Bones

Potassium is considered important when it involves keeping bones strong. By eating one date, you get 140 ml of potassium which is extremely beneficial for strengthening bones.

Let me tell you that the benefits of dates also are for strengthening the bones because you get the correct amount of potassium from the dates, which is useful for bones.

5.Strengthening Muscles

Benefits of dates

Carbohydrates are needed to make muscles healthy and you can take them easily from dates. Let me tell you that the right amount of carbohydrates in the body is maintained by using the right dates, which helps in strengthening the muscles.

6.Control Cholesterol

Yes, dates properties help keep cholesterol down. Let us tell you that in a study it has been said that the person who consumes dates(khajoor) daily has a low level of cholesterol in his body.

which helps to stay away from many diseases. The benefits of dates are also found in the potassium present in it for cholesterol. Potassium helps in lowering cholesterol.

7. Prevent Constipation

For people that have problems related to constipation, you’ll use dates. Date properties can help relieve constipation.

Many studies have stated that the constipation problem is because of an absence of fiber within the body. Digestive power works well by having the proper amount of fiber within the body, which helps in reducing stomach problems.

8.keeps your Heart Health

It is also related to heart health. The right amount of magnesium is found in dates, which keeps the blood vessels healthy, making the blood pressure normal.

Having normal blood pressure reduces the risk of blocked arteries. Having magnesium reduces the risk of atherosclerosis that occurs due to the closure of the umbilical cord.

From this, we can also say that the benefits of eating dates also keep away the problems associated with cholesterol.

9.Promoting Healthy Weight Gain

Can also help in weight gain in a healthy way. The date does not contain refined sugar, which leads to weight gain correctly.

Natural sugar is easily converted into energy with the help of insulin. When you exercise, you get energy, which reduces fat. you can eat 1-2 dates.

10.In Pregnancy

Benefits of Dates

Food and drink need to be taken care of during pregnancy. pregnant women can use dates(4). By doing this, the baby and mother get the proper amount of energy. please consult a doctor once before using dates.

11.Helps in Reducing Swelling

Dates can be used for a variety of reasons. Let me tell you that the properties of dates are many due to the magnesium present in it, which helps in reducing inflammation. Having the right amount of magnesium in the body helps in relieving swelling.

12.Sexual Health

Dates are also considered excellent for sexual health. This is often because 23 varieties of amino acids are found within the proteins found in dates, which are beneficial for sexual health.

the purpose to notice here is that only natural amino acids help in improving sexual health. According to an Indian study, dates palm pollen also helps in obtaining sexual health. it’s used to increase fertility.


It is necessary to choose the right food during the meal. According to research by Columbia University Medical Center, what we eat in diarrhea has increased many times rather than stopping.

This report states that potassium is very good at getting rid of diaries. At the same time, you have already known that dates are rich in potassium.

14.Prevent Night Blindness

In the name of night blindness, you need to have come to understand that those that have this problem find it difficult to see clearly in the dark.

However, it’s not a disease because it’s associated with the retina. This happens because of deficiency of vitamin A and you’ll be happy to understand that the benefits of dates also can be used here because dates are filled with vitamin A.

15.Skin Health

Dates are rich in vitamin C, which helps to nourish the skin cells. Apart from this, nutrition and moisture are maintained in the skin with vitamins.

Along with this, vitamin B5 is found in dates which helps in reducing the stretch marks in the skin.

Different Ways To Eat Dates

Dates are utilized in many ways. If you have got to consume dates in several ways then you’ll easily do it. There are some ways to add dates in your diet, a number of which you’ll get information about below.

1. Dates and Salad

The easiest way to use dates is to place them in a salad and eat it. you’ll easily add dates in your diet with none hassle. Make small pieces of dates and eat them over the salad.

2. Dates in Breakfast

A good option is to include dates within the breakfast. Dates are included in breakfast for natural sweetness. If you’re eating oatmeal or yogurt then you’ll use dates rather than processed sugar.The benefits of dates are included within the breakfast.

3. Dates and Ice Cream

If you are feeling like eating ice cream while dieting, you’ll eat occasionally. to make ice cream not affect your diet, eating dates with ice cream on your ice creamare going to be a healthy option.

4. Dates and Smoothie

If you still consume smoothies, then dates isused in smoothies also . to create a smoothie, you’ll add dates in banana, orange, and coconut milk.

5. Fruit Cake

Dates can usually be eaten in fruit cakes. Dates are used especially in backed things. you’ll eat fruitcakes to try dates.

6. Eat Dates Soaked in Water

Most people take the benefits of dates after soaking them overnight. For this, you’ve got to soak the date in water overnight then awaken within the morning and eat it.

Side Effects of Dates

Most of all food has its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, dates have advantages as well as disadvantages. Consumption of anything in excess can cause harm. You can get information related to Side Effects of Dates below.

  • Dates are used to control blood sugar levels. But if the dates are consumed in more quantity then it can increase the blood sugar level instead of normal.
  • If you want to use the benefits of dates to lose weight, then this is a completely wrong idea because consuming large amounts of dates can lead to weight gain because it contains natural sugar.
  • Using dates in large quantities can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, gas, etc.
  • Dates are sticky, which remains in the teeth by eating it. It can increase the discomfort of teeth due to having dates in the teeth.
  • If you think that eating dates can cause allergic reactions, then consult a doctor once.
  • Do not take dates to young children as it is thick and hard which can be harmful to children.

Final Words

The benefits of eating dates are so many because they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. The benefits of dates are popular for an extended time because it gives benefits related to health, mind, heart, and skin. If you would like to add some healthy sweet fruits to your diet then dates are a decent option. But keep in mind that like each time, the advantages of any food item are going to be obtained only by eating it in its quantity.



Q1: When & how many dates you should eat in a day?

Eating dates is mostly recommended in the morning. Along with this, eating 4 to 5 dates in the morning daily provides many benefits. If you are anemic, then the benefits of dates can be many for you. It is advisable to eat dates for about 21 days so that the body Iron deficiency helps to complete, after which hemoglobin helps to increase. Those who are suffering from arthritis are advised to boil 3 to 4 dates of milk in a day. If you have frequent complaints of stomach problems like diarrhea, constipation, then 4 to 5 dates should be eaten on an empty stomach every morning. By doing this the digestive power works in a healthy way.

Q2: What are the benefits of eating dates on empty stomach?

All the people are asked to use the date on an empty stomach as soon as the date is taken. Why so? The properties of dates help in giving energy, helps in weight gain in a healthy way, helps in relieving constipation.

Q3: What are the nutritional content of Dates?

Many nutritious foods are found in dates such as carbohydrates, protein, energy, fat, cholesterol, sugar, minerals, vitamins, etc.
Minerals – Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, sodium.
Vitamin- Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Niacin, Riboflavin.

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